The following FAQ's, terms, conditions, and agreements apply to all NirvSystem users. Please read each of these components carefully.

Who is my Education team contact regarding NirvSystem?

  • Corporation name
  • Department name
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What is NirvSystem?

NirvSystem is a cloud based registration service for student/trainees registering for confirmed clinical placements, rotations, fellowships, for other learning experiences.

Who uses NirvSystem?

NirvSystem is an online application for use by students/trainees registering for confirmed clinical placements, rotations, fellowships, or other learning experiences, and education leads and administrative staff associated directly or indirectly with student education.

How do I login?

  1. How do I login to NirvSystem?

    In order to login you need a valid User ID and Password.

    If you are a student: You have automatically been registered and you should have received this information in a welcome e-mail from NirvSystem.

  2. I've logged into NirvSystem before, but can't now
    I've forgotten my User ID and Password.

    Please contact the relevant support service.

    My personal information has changed.

    You may need to re-register yourself in NirvSystem if your personal information has changed (for example, if you have moved, or changed your last name).

    I know that my User ID and Password are correct, but the system won't let me login.

    1. The User ID and Password must be manually typed into the system. If you were copying-and-pasting the information, try typing in the ID password.
    2. If you are using the numeric keypad on your keyboard to input your login information on the NirvSystem login page, please ensure that your NumLock keyboard key is on.
    3. Alternatively, if you are attempting to access NirvSystem from a school, business, or government office, you may be attached to a LAN (local area network) and behind a firewall.

  3. How do I logoff properly?

    When you have completed your NirvSystem session, click the 'Logout' icon at the top right hand corner of the page. This will expire your session and prevent further access to your account until you log into NirvSystem again.

    Shutting down your browser is another way to ensure that your information cannot be viewed by anyone else who shares your computer.

What are the system requirements to access NirvSystem?

NirvSystem is designed to work with Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher.